Microsoft DotNet Training in Chennai India

microsoft dotnet training in chennai india online
microsoft dotnet training in chennai india online

Microsoft DotNet Training in Chennai

VISUAL C# .NET – Microsoft dotnet training in chennai india

Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts
C# Programming fundamentals
Conditional and Iteration statements
Classes & objects : Introduction to classes – object creation – Methods – Constructors – Garbage Collection – Destructor – This keyword
Inheritance and Polymorphism in C# : Method Overriding and Method Hiding
Arrays : Single dimensional arrays – Rectangular arrays – Jagged arrays
Overloading and overriding operators
Structs and Namespace : Inheritance – Abstract classes and Interface – Nested classes – structs – Namespace
Properties and Indexes
Delegates and Events : Declaration and Instantiation
Creating Window based application : creating and using Main menu, Dialog boxes, toolbars, Status bars, combo boxes
File System and Streams
Exception handling
Introduction to ASP .Net : ASP .Net and its use – Internet Information Server – Namespaces – .Net Framework Classes
Web Forms And Control: Web control Class – Creating Web Form Application – Handling images – Navigation between pages – Managing Server Controls – Server control events – HTML and Data Controls – Validation Control
Master Pages & Themes: Simple Master Page – Nested Master Page – Configuring Master Page – Creating and Applying Themes – Applying style sheet
Web Services: XML Web Services – Creating Web services & Setting Web Service Attribute – Execution of Web service created – Web Service in Client and Server end
Uploading Files: Using File Upload Control – Setting the location and file name – Uploading the file – Defining the type and size of file
Security membership and roles: Authentication – Authorization – Impersonation – Code Access security
Deployment: Deploying Web application – Deploying Windows application – Deploying website – Publishing website
Overview of ADO .NET – Connection and Command Object – Data Readers – Data sets & Adapters – Connecting to Database using Data Adaptor – Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting

MicroSoft Dotnet Training in Chennai | India | Online

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