Oracle Apps Technical Training in Chennai

1. Introduction to ERP covers
• Definition
• Overview of popular ERPs.
• Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP

2. Oracle application concepts
• Internet computing architecture
• internationalization support
• File system
• Installation- system requirements
• using rapid install
• single-node and multi node installation

3. Application Architecture
• Building a new application
• Registering Your Application
• Application Directory structure
• Defining Application Base path

4. Table registration
• AD_DD package covers Registering Tables and its sequence
• Views and Registering columns using AD_DD package
• Detail Example of registering table and using it in DFF value set
5. The TEMPLATE Form
• Overview of the TEMPLATE form
• libraries in the TEMPLATE form
• special triggers in TEMPLATE form

6. Forms and Reports

7. Flexfields
• Overview and Benefits of Flexfields
• implementing key Flexfields
• implementing descriptive Flexfields

8. Concurrent Processing
• Concurrent processing overview
• Defining concurrent programs
• Executable types an example of commonly used executable types
• Defining Request sets
• Submitting your concurrent programs

Oracle Apps Technical Training

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