oracle dba training in chennai india online
oracle dba training in chennai india online

Oracle DBA Training in Chennai

Course Topics for the 1’st Exam

1. ORACLE Developer

Course Topics for the 1’st Exam

Introduction to Oracle 11g: SQL

1. Introduction
2. Writing a Basic SQL Statement
3. Restricting and Sorting Data
4. Single Row Functions
5. Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
6. Aggregating Data by Using Group Functions
7. Writing Subqueries
8. Producing Readable Output with iSQL*Plus
9. Manipulating Data
10. Creating and Managing Tables
11. Including Constraints
12. Creating Views
13. Other Database Objects
14. Controlling User Access
15. Using Set Operators
16. Oracle 9i Datetime Functions
17. Enhancements to the GROUP BY Clause
18. Advanced Subqueries
19. SQL Workshop

Note: Chapters 1,14-19 are not part of exam objectives.

Course Topics for the Exam – 2

Oracle11g: DBA Fundamentals 1

1. Oracle Architectural Components
2. Getting Started With the Oracle Server
3. Maintaining the Control File
4. Managing Tablespaces and Data files
5. Managing Tables
6. Managing an Oracle Instance
7. Creating a Database
8. Maintaining Redo Log Files
9. Storage Structure and Relationships
10. Managing Undo Data
11. Managing Indexes
12. Data Dictionary Content and Usage
13. Managing Password Security and Resources
14. Managing Users
15. Managing Privileges
16. Managing Roles
17. Maintaining Data Integrity
18. Using Globalization Support

Course Topics for the Exam – 3

Oracle11g: DBA Fundamentals 2

1. Networking Overview
2. Basic Oracle Net Architecture
3. Basic Oracle Net Services Server-Side Configuration
4. Basic Oracle Net Services Client-Side Configuration
5. Usage and Configuration of the Oracle Shared Server
6. Backup and Recovery Overview
7. Instance and Media Recovery Structures
8. Configuration of the Database Archiving Mode
9. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) Overview and Configuration
10. User-Managed Backups
11. RMAN Backups
12. User-Managed Complete Recovery
13. RMAN Complete Recovery
14. User-Managed Incomplete Recovery
15. RMAN Incomplete Recovery
16. RMAN Repository Maintenance
17. RMAN Catalog Creation and Usage
18. Transporting Data Between Databases
19. Loading Data into a Database

Course Topics for the Exam – 4

Oracle11g: Performance Tuning

1. Overview of Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning
2. Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
3. Database Configuration and I/O Issues
4. Sizing the Shared Pool
5. Sizing the Buffer Cache
6. Dynamic Instance Resizing
7. Sizing other SGA Structures
8. Tuning the Oracle Shared Server
9. Optimizing Sort Operations
10. SQL Statement Tuning
11. Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
12. Application Tuning
13. Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
14. Diagnosing Contention For Latches
15. Tuning the Operating System

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