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Oracle HRMS Training
Overview of ERP and Oracle Applications
Introduction to Oracle HRMS and Various Modules of HRMS
• Configure HRMS (Sys Admin): Creating User Accounts, Defining Key Flex Fields, Defining Descriptive Flex Fields, Setting System Profiles, Responsibilities, Menus, Defining Value Sets.
• Setting up Work Structures : Creating Locations, Creating Business Groups, Creating HR Organizations, Creating Organization Hierarchy, Creating Grades, Creating Grade Rates, Creating Job Groups, Creating Jobs, Creating Positions, Creating Position Hierarchy, Creating Assignment Statuses.
• Organisation Information: Finding an Organisation, Entering Costing Information for a HR Organization
• Creating and Maintaining Jobs and Positions : Adding Additional Information About Jobs, Entering Valid Grades for Jobs, Entering Job Requirements, Adding Additional Information About Positions, Entering Valid Grades for Positions, Entering Work Choices for a Job or Position, Finding a Position,
• Core Recruitment and Hiring Employees: Creating an Applicant, Creating an Application, Update Applicant, Hiring an Applicant.
• People management: Creating an Employee, Creating a Contingent Worker, Entering Contact Details, Rehiring an Ex-employee, Ending Employment, Ending an Application, Defining Person Types, Entering Additional Person Information, Deleting a Person from the System, Entering Contracts, Activating an Assignment, Suspending an Assignment, Entering Visa Related Data, Entering Previous Employment Details, Entering Qualification Details, Entering Phone Details, Entering Work Preferences, Maintaining Addresses, Maintaining Assignment Information, Creating Multiple Assignments.
• Workforce Reports: Running the Employee Summary Report, Running the Assignment Status Report, Running the Terminations Report, Running the Head Count Detail Report, Running the Workforce Count Reports, Running the Full Person Details Report, Running the Person Full History Report.
• People Folders and Assignments: Using the People Folder Page, Listing Assignments Using the Assignments Folder, Listing Workforce by Position, Listing Workforce by Organization, Viewing a Worker’s Assignment History.
• SIT and EIT: Define SIT, Define EIT, Difference between SIT and EIT.

Performance Management
• Setting Up Performance Management: Creating Competencies, Creating Rating Scales, Define Competency Requirements.
• Performance Management Plans: Setting up Performance Management, Publishing Performance Management Plans.
• Objectives Management: Defining Objectives in Objective Library, Defining Eligibility for Objectives, Updating Objectives, Measuring Objectives, Tracking and Recording Objectives Progress.
• Managing Appraisals: Self Appraisal process, Sharing an Appraisal with Manager, Updating the Appraisal and share with Manager, Appraisal Final Ratings, Approving the appraisals.

Self Service Human Resources
• Employee Self Service: Actions Awaiting your Attention, View and Update Personal Information, View Leave details and Apply for Leave, My Information, View and Update Extra Information, Objective Setting and Appraisal Process, Documents of Record, Employee Directory, Benefits, Enter and Update Qualifications, Maintain Other professional Qualifications, Curriculum Vitae, View Competency Profile.
• Manager Self Service : Actions Awaiting your Attention, View and Update Personal Information, Leave Of Absence, My Employee Information, Disciplinary Action, Passport, Visa and work permit details, Entering Extra Information, Talent Management, Change Hours, Change Manager, Documents of Record, Employee Directory, Benefits.
Oracle Payroll
• Setting up Payroll information: Define Payment Method, Define consolidation set, Define Payrolls and Payroll Calendar, GL flex field mapping with cost allocation, Define Element, Linking Elements, Define Salary Basis, Adding New Salary and Salary Administration, Element Entry to an Employee, End date Elements, Define Assignment Set, Define Element Set.
• Payroll Processes: Run Payroll, Prepayments, Costing process, Transfer to GL, overview of Retro pay, Rollback Payroll, Retry Payroll, Payroll Reversal, Quick Pay, View payroll Process Results, Statement of Earnings, Create BEE and Running BEE, Rollback BEE.
• Absence Management: Creating Absence Elements, Creating Absence Types, Creating Accrual Plans, Entering Absence information.
• Overview of Fast Formula: Writing simple Fast Formula, Formula Results.
• Payroll Reports: List Employees by Element, Element Result Listing, Absence Report by Absence Type.

ORACLE HRMS Training in Chennai

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