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1. History of PeopleSoft
2. People Tools / Application history and versions
3. Hardware and Software bundles involved in PeopleSoft, their compatibility, and history.
4. Basic PIA Architecture- Types of tables involved in Database
5. Syntel’s PeopleSoft Architecture.
6. Various types of People Tools and their use.
7. The life cycle of PeopleSoft Database.
8. Syntel’s Development Servers and the DBs


9. 2 Tier, 3 Tier view.
10. The concept of User ids, Connect ID, Connect Password, Access ID, Access Password, Symbolic Id,
11. SQL power user ids, the concept of sa in PeopleSoft
12. Background activity during Sign on into PeopleSoft, how a user is getting authorized.
13. Setting up ODBC
14. The concept of Migration and Restoration.
15. Windows 2003 Domain and basic concepts


16. PeopleSoft Installation and software involved
17. PeopleSoft Home Folder and their Subfolders
18. Points to be noticed while installing People tool.
19. Points to be noticed while installing Tuxedo
20. Points to be noticed while installing WebLogic.
21. Mounting a database and running scripts.
22. Weblogic console.
23. The concept of creating the website, URL
24. Creating application server and Process Scheduler.
25. Client Configuration.
26. The concept of creating Database Manually( System, Demo)


27. PS admin commands and Application services.
28. Cache clearing and Purpose.
29. Config file tunning
30. The concept of Process Scheduler, Report nodes, Server definitions
31. Recurrence, Scheduling



Day- 6

SQL Database Administration
Default databases
Logins, Roles, collation, character set, locks
Installation of SQL2008
Backup, restore, attach, detach
SQL jobs configuration
Activity monitoring


32. Application Designer Basic concepts.
33. Objects and Types and creation of sample project.
34. Compare report –various concepts inside compare report
35. Copying into the app. Designer and Project Migration.
36. Project Migration-Activities.
37. Sys and DDD audits
38. Alter Audit concept


39. Data mover modes and commands


40. Security administration-Types of securities
41. Signon and timeout, Page and dialogue box security
42. Batch environment security, Definition security
43. User Profiles, Permission lists, Roles
44. Password policies, setting and changing passwords
45. Concept of SSL

Day -10

47. Concepts of Web Profile and its security.
48. Cobol files and compiling Cobol
49. Environment refresh and its concepts.

Day -11

50. Weblogic server, web related folder, and files
51. People Books, concepts and installation
52. The concept of single sign-on.
53. Process Monitoring
54. PeopleSoft customer connection.

Day -12

55. Updates, patches, MPs, upgrade overview
56. Performance Monitor concepts

Day -13

57. Integration Broker and its concepts

Day -14

Review Day.

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PeopleSoft DBA Training in Chennai

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