PeopleSoft Technical Training Chennai India

peoplesoft technical training chennai india online
peoplesoft technical training chennai india online

PeopleSoft HRMS Technical Training – Content

PeopleSoft Technical Training Chennai India P

PeopleSoft Architecture

  • Two tier architecture
  • Three tier architecture
  • Web architecture
  • Functions of the various components involved in architecture

Development Tools used in PeopleSoft

  • Fields
  • Records
  • Pages
  • Components
  • Menus

Building Your first Application

  • Using Application Designer
  • Creating a PeopleSoft Record Definition
  • Creating a PeopleSoft Page Definition

Providing User Access to the Application

  • Creating Components in PeopleSoft
  • Define Component Properties
  • Registering a Component
  • Providing the Permissions to the Component Created
  • Permission List Concept
  • User Profiles
  • Roles

Enhancing Your Application

  • Creating and Using Prompt Records
  • Creating and Maintaining Translate Values
  • Creating and using search records
  • Working with Derived/Work Records
  • Using Push Buttons in PeopleSoft

Advanced Page Design Features

  • Working with Scrolls
  • Working with Sub Pages and Secondary Pages
  • Working with Grids
  • Identify and Create Custom Fields
  • Creating a Record Definition
  • Defining Record Definition Properties
  • Define Record Field Properties
  • Assembling record Fields in a Page
  • Defining Page Field Properties
  • Checking the page Layout
  • Define Page Properties
  • Saving Page Properties
  • Principles of prompt Records
  • Prompt Records with single search key
  • Prompt Records with Effective Dates
  • Effective Date Concept
  • Prompt Records with Multiple Search Keys
  • Dynamic Prompt Records
  • Search Records without keys
  • Search Records with search keys
  • Using derived records as counters and Totals
  • Using derived record to display messages
  • Other uses of derived records
  • Multiple rows on Scroll Bars
  • Parent Child Relationship on Scrolls
  • Sub-Pages
  • Secondary Pages
  • Related Field and Display Control Field
  • Types of Records


  • PeopleCode Events
  • PeopleCode Data Elements
  • PeopleTools Tables and Naming Conventions for types of Records
  • Basic PeopleCode Built-in-Functions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Date/Time Functions
  • Effective Date/Sequence Functions
  • Logic Functions
  • Math Functions
  • Page Buffer Functions
  • Page Control Functions
  • Save/Cancel Functions
  • String Functions
  • Page Transfer Functions
  • Associating the PeopleCode with Components

Messages and Error Handling

  • Using the Message Box Function
  • Using the Win Message Function
  • Error and Warning

Embedded SQL

  • When to use embedded SQL
  • The SQLEXEC function
  • CreateSQL ()
  • Using the inline bind variables
  • Dates and Meta SQL
  • Basic Scroll Functions

Application Engine

  • Basics of Application Engine
  • State Records
  • Actions/Steps


  • Basics of SQR
  • Process Scheduler Concept
  • Runcontrol Records
  • Illustration of Program using SQR
  • Search Processing
  • Add Processing
  • Save Processing
  • Temporary Variables
  • Constants
  • System Variables
  • Activate Event
  • PreBuild Event
  • PostBuild Event

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PeopleSoft Technical Training Chennai India