Siebel CRM Training

siebel crm developer training chennai india online
siebel crm developer training chennai india online

Siebel CRM Developer Training in Chennai

Siebel CRM Developer Training – Content

Siebel CRM Developer Training in Chennai – Content


Module 1: Introducing Siebel eBusiness Applications
Module 2: Using the Seibel Client
Module 3: Organizing Data behind the User Application

Architecture and Installation

Module 4: Exploring The Siebel Architecture
Module 5: How Clients Access Siebel Software
Module 6: Installing Siebel Software
Module 7: Server Administration

Access Control and Organization Set Up

Module 8: Access Control and Views
Module 9: Access Control and Data
Module10: Access Control and View Types
Module11: Creating an Organization
Module12: Authenticating Users

Exploring Siebel Application

Module13: Understanding Object Definitions behind A Siebel Application
Module14: Using Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
Module15: Understanding the Siebel Data Model
Module16: The Siebel Data Module: Party Business Components

Configuration – Siebel CRM Training

Module17: The Configuration Process
Module18: Managing Object Definitions
Module19: Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
Module20: Understanding Siebel Template Files
Module21: Configuring Applications And Screens
Module22: Configuring Views
Module23: Configuring List Applets
Module24: Configuring Form Applets
Module25: Understanding Business Components and Joins
Module26: Business Components And Joins: Party Extension Tables
Module27: Understandings Business Objects and Links
Module28: Configuring Business Components and Views
Module29: Creating a New BC Using the Standard: M Extension Table
Module30: Configuring Navigation
Module31: Extending the Database
Module32: Configuring Pick Lists
Module33: Configuring Multi Value Groups
Module34: Configuring Access Control
Module35: Localizing an Application
Module36: Configuring Guidelines

Data Loads

Module37: Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager
Module38: Data Mapping
Module39: Invoking Enterprise Integration Manager
Module40: Setting Enterprise Integration Manager Option
Module41: Access Controls and Access Groups

Business Process Automation

Module42: Introducing Siebel Workflow
Module43: Invoking Workflow Processes
Module44: Additional Workflow Topics
Module45: Introducing Assignment Manager
Module46: Creating Sales Assignment Rules
Module47: Creating Service Assignment Rules
Module48: Invoking Assignment Manager
Module49: Personalizing View and Applet Access
Module50: Personalizing Content and Behaviors

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