workday hcm training in chennai
    • Workday HCM Training in Chennai | India

      Training Content:

      About Technical Integration in Workday HCM

      • Salient Features of Integration
      • Benefits and Uses of Workday Integration

      Reporting in Workday Integration

      • Introduction to Report Writer
      • Reports Development
      • Difference between Simple and Advanced Reports

      Operations & Calculations – Workday HCM Integration

      • Fields Calculations (Basic & Advanced)
      • Aggregations
      • Primary and Secondary BO (Business Objects)

      Workday HCM Integration Security

      • Introduction to Data Source Security Elements
      • Report Field Security
      • About Security Domains


      • Report Management
      • Report Scheduling and Monitoring
      • Introduction to Matrix Reports


      • Architecture of Workday HCM Integration
      • System Templates and Cloud Connections
      • Overview of Business Process Integration

      Core Connector

      • Worker
      • Integration Services
      • Deduction Procedures and its Changes

      Document Transformation Integration

      • Using SXLT Formatting
      • Using XTT Formatting
      • Using ETV Formatting

      Introduction to Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

      • Features of EIB
      • Design Patterns of EIB
      • EIB Limitations
      • EIB Development
      • Inbound EIB Development
      • Outbound EIB Development
      • EIB Customer Transactional Data


      • Workday Reports-as-a-Service
      • Report Transformation and Customization

      About Workday Studio

      • Introduction to Workday IDE (Integration Development Environment)
      • Assembly Components
      • Working with the Assembly Projects
      • Message Flow and Workday Web Services


      • Testing Workday Integrations
      • Debugging Errors in Workday Integrations
      • Exceptional Handling
      • Advanced Deployment Concepts


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      workday hcm training in chennai | India

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